Hannah Collard signs to Chadwicks

This is my little sister, who I began photographing from a very young age, helping to give her the push into modelling. These photos were taken on Cable Beach in Broome.

The photo in the dunes below were part of a feature article I wrote for The Broome Advertiser on her being signed to Chadwick’s Modelling Agency.

Hannah has done quite a lot with her modelling career since, and is now mentoring other young Indigenous Australian models to pursue their careers in modelling.

Hannah Collard
Hannah Collard (Chadwick’s)

Olive Knight / Kankawa Nagarra

Musician Olive Knight (Kankawa Nagarra) on returning to the Kimberley after her tour in New York with an indigenous broadway show thanks to Hugh Jackman.

Olive comes from Wangkatjungka, one of the larger communities south east of Fitzroy Crossing. She sings and plays contemporary blues and gospel.

ARRAN HEARN: Portrait of an Artist

Arran Hearn is a friend of mine and this photo in particular is one of my favourite portraits, taken at a party with the laser lights spinning around us, but somehow, by chance, the lights lined up just right on Arran’s hand. He is a big fan of triangles! When he saw the pic he couldn’t believe how well it turned out and I remember him running around showing people! So this photo always makes me smile.

Arran is a Graphic Designer, a DJ and a master of Lego. He creates custom LEGO sets of musical equipment pertaining to DJs, in particular Technics turntables and all kinds of samplers. Check his cool work out here on his personal website http://numode.net/