ARRAN HEARN: Portrait of an Artist

Arran Hearn is a friend of mine and this photo in particular is one of my favourite portraits, taken at a party with the laser lights spinning around us, but somehow, by chance, the lights lined up just right on Arran’s hand. He is a big fan of triangles! When he saw the pic he couldn’t believe how well it turned out and I remember him running around showing people! So this photo always makes me smile.

Arran is a Graphic Designer, a DJ and a master of Lego. He creates custom LEGO sets of musical equipment pertaining to DJs, in particular Technics turntables and all kinds of samplers. Check his cool work out here on his personal website

International Tracksuit Party at Section 8: Melbourne

In the arterial back laneways of Melbourne’s heart is one of the best bars to visit, Section 8. Host to the best music and on this auspicious International Tracksuit Day, was held the infamous Tracksuit Party from Secret Heat Music.

B-boys and b-girls united in their favourite sportswear brands from Adidas , Nike, Kangol to look fly and dance right.

DJ’s included ACN Seymour, Benny Badge, Tofu, Eddie Mac, Live music from Cocoa Noire.


REE NAKADA: Portrait of an Artist

Illustrator and good friend Ree Nakada and I recently came together to produce a series of images which reflect the inner workings of the petite artist.
The photographs explore themes of mental health and body image, exposing the struggles which Ree herself has personally faced in order to find freedom in artistic expression.

Ree produces her work under another monika ‘Melancholy Mandy”