Portrait of a Model : HANNAH COLLARD

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Meet Hannah Collard,  Indigenous Australian / Norwegian model based in Perth Western Australia for Chadwicks Modelling Agency. Would you believe that I have had the privilege of photographing her since the age of 13? Over the years I have helped to assist and support her entry into the modelling world. She is my sister after…

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

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‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”, is a youth theatre production  filmed in 2013 combining digital video and stage. 25 kids were involved ranging in age from 4 to 13. A new script was written by directors Edmund Dowling and Cobie van Ryswyk, adapting characters and storylines  from Tolkein’s ‘The Hobbit’ with a Shakespearean act format….


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Anton Franc, the ever delightful “medicine men of music” had a session with me in the studio for their new release “All this Talk” at The Bakery on the 1st of November. Check out more http://www.antonfranc.com/

Sweet Talk : Hannah Collard

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Test screening video for model Hannah Collard, Chadwicks Modelling Agency. Music supplied courtesy of Kito and Reija Lee, Sweet Talk. Cinematography by Jordan Shields Edited by Nicole Norelli


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The XX UK indie trio The XX begin their Australian tour on the 1st of April at Metro City Perth. Photos taken for Perth’s Xpress Magazine, you can read music journalist Alfred Gorman’s beautiful review here.    

DEEP PURPLE : Drum Magazine USA

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Deep Purple played Perth Arena last night and I had the absolute pleasure of assisting Jordan Shields on a photoshoot of Ian Paice for Drum Magazine USA. Meeting Deep Purple at the Perth Arena during their warm-up and then shooting the gig was an absolute thrill. After the usual 3 photo limit at the beginning…


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Californian rock band Weezer plays Perth Arena, WA. Photos taken for Xpress Magazine.

OUTBACK WEDDING: When East meets West

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Outback of Karratha this July I had the honourable experience to be a part of Ree and Sohei’s traditional Japanese wedding in an Australian setting. The wedding took place in the historical town of Cossack, Western Australia, just out of Karratha. Ree  and her family are from Karratha, Sohei and his family are from Japan.

PHOTO ESSAY: After the Northcliffe bushfires

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Little Tengu Art Gallery Preston, Melbourne

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