CREEPY aka Kyle Hughes-Odgers

Kyle Hughes-Odgers (aka Creepy) is a Perth based artist whose work encompasses a range of mediums from warm acrylics on wood finished, ink, watercolour on paper and large scale public art murals with aerosol. In this interview Creepy discusses the emergence of the local Perth arts scene, his painting process and the works he’s been involved in over the last year. Creepy is the feature artist for Cut & Paste:

Karnivool Awakens Sounds in Fremantle

Lead singer Ian Kenny and bassist Jon Stockman from Australia’s rock heavy elite Karnivool caught up with Cut & Paste at the Fremantle Arts Centre in WA. Karnivool have recently released their second album Sound Awake. The boys delve into why it took four years between Themata and Sound Awake, changing band line-ups, the writing process and a daunting Triple J ‘Live at the Wireless’ performance. Interview shot for CUT



SaltnPepa had a quick chat with Cut & Paste at the Good Vibrations Festival. Over the short time together we got an insight into how Salt’n’Pepa deal with reality TV shows, hip-hop comebacks and twitter.   Interview shot for CUT & PASTE DVD.COM

naughty by nature

Naughty by Nature

Naughty by Nature jumped on the couch during our time backstage at Good Vibrations 2010. Treach, Vin Rock and DJ Kay Gee broke down how to make a Hip-Hop ‘Anthem’, what’s in store from their new album and where they have been hiding for the last few years. Shot for CUT & PASTE DVD.COM


Tomas Ford, WAMi Award winning, electronic artist, takes us behind the scenes of his intimate and acoustic performance for Love is My Velocity’s Takeaway Tunes in Perth…and shares his favourite takeaway secrets with you. Shot for CUT & PASTE DVD.COM

Eleventh He Reaches London

Eleventh He Reaches London were the first Perth band to grace the Takeaway Tunes floor space in Northbridge for a quick chat with Cut & Paste about what’s coming up and why they got involved with the Takeaway Tunes project for WAMI. Interviewed and filmed by Nicole Norelli for CUT & PASTE DVD.COM

kid koala the slew

Kid Koala & The Slew

Take Ninja Tunes artists Kid Koala and Dynomite D. Grab the rhythm section from Wolfmother and stir the mix with Mario Caldato Jr. You get THE SLEW. Six decks and all rock swagger! Check out their sound on The Might Slew on YouTube!    

Dam Funk

Modern Funk purveyor Dam Funk speaks to Cut & Paste ahead of his first Australian tour. Dam touches on how he hooked up with Peanut Butter Wolf & Stones Throw, and what the modern funk sound is and the plans for the rest of 2010.  

simone and girlfunkle

Simone and Girlfunkle

Ahead of the launch of the self titled EP, Cut & Paste caught up with Bridget and Gabrielle from Simone and Girlfunkle over tea and scones. They explained how the time had come to get this material out there as well as how they got a metal purist to play folk! Bridget failed to confirm or deny a rendezvous with Sir Cliff Richard! Shot for Cut and Paste Distributed

jackson eaton

Portrait of an Artist : Jackson Eaton

Jackson Eaton’s photography exhibition ‘Single’. The premise of Jackson Eaton’s exhibition was to spend a night with a female stranger and take polaroids of his experience, with the couple staying the night in Spectrum Art Space Gallery. Jackson shot the exchange with his lady stranger on Impossible Project film ‘polaroids’ which take a matter of time to expose and appear, and then sometimes disappear again completely. The exhibition was held the