MUSIC VIDEO: Mathas – White Sugar

Our first music video, ‘White Sugar’ by Mathas, aired for the first time on national  ABC’s RAGE!

“White Sugar is a little study of personal flaws, habitual behavior and the extreme consumption of heavily refined and processed foods in the western world.

The White Sugar filmclip is a swirling journey through a vicious candyland, were ripe raspberries and chico babies go for the throat and the product advertising of yesteryear repeats in a droning, endless loop. The only way forward is towards total zombification and a posse of buzzword angels on your shoulder lulling you to a lolly-encrusted catatonia.”

Producer: John Macliver
Director/Graphics: Tom Mathieson
1st AD: Nicole Norelli
D.O.P: Jordan Shields
Visual Effects/Green Screen: Dominic Pearce

The song is available for download here:


Australian Film and Television Editor

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