International Tracksuit Party Section 8: Melbourne

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Section 8. Host to the best music in the arterial back laneways of Melbourne’s heart. On this auspicious International Tracksuit Day, was held the infamous Tracksuit Party from Secret Heat Music. B-boys and b-girls united in their favourite sportswear brands from Adidas , Nike, Kangol to look fly and breakdance right. DJ’s included ACN Seymour,…


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Music video teaser for Melbourne based DJ Rojdar’s new single “Cairo”. Shot at Goodlife Music Festival Sydney 2016. Cinematography by Jordan Shields Edited by Nicole Norelli

DJ ROJDAR @ Goodlife Festival, SYDNEY

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For those of you who don’t know him yet, DJ Rojdar is an emerging electronic music producer and DJ from Melbourne Australia, who is hustling hard to mark his name on the east coast EDM scene. DJ Rojdar took to the stage as the opening act for the all ages Goodlife Music Festival 2015 in Sydney at Randwick Racecourse over the long weekend. As…

Timo Maas: Return of the Legend

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DJ Timo Maas makes the ceiling sweat whilst playing underground Perth nightclub Ambar. Shot for Boomtick, 2010.

DJ Premier

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Arran Hearn is a friend of mine and this photo in particular is one of my favourite portraits, taken at a party with the laser lights spinning around us, but somehow, by chance, the lights lined up just right on Arran’s hand. He is a big fan of triangles! When he saw the pic he…


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Sampology is a pioneer of performance, blending a musical and visual experience to become what many consider Australia’s leading Audio Visual DJ. His live AVDJ performances have earned praise from The New York Times and The Independent while his creatively effervescent, almost rugged technique and cheeky, irreverent sense of humour have caught the attention of artists like Peaches,…


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Working with digital visual artists Jerrem Lynch and Dan Moller on the Sunset Events Southbound Festival as a ‘presenter’. I coordinated film footage taken during acts of the festival’s activities which were then sent straight to Jerrem and Dan to be played and cut with live VFX between sets as hilarious entertainment for the masses.