Photo Essay: A Norwegian Summer with Svartlamon Hardkor

Svartlamon Hardkor is a Norwegian mens choir whose repertoire spans wide, from humorous numbers, classical crosses and African tribal songs rewritten with trendish texts. We met the guys through my cousin Stian who is a member. This summer in Norway became the hottest summer Norway had seen in 40 years, with temperatures reaching a record high of 32 degrees Celsius. (2014)  

avon valley

Avon Valley National Park, Western Australia

In the sleepy hills of Perth lies the Avon valley, nestled between a picturesque town held by surrounding paddocks and national parkland. The valley is 40 minutes or so from the city of Perth, and is named after the Avon River which runs through it. I’ve often visited many different areas of the Valley on location scouts for photo shoots and films, but it is also a great place to go

Skydiving over Cable Beach, Broome

So, you’re young and wanna have fun right?! Perhaps you feel the need to start a bucket list, and need some trends to kick. You think to yourself, “I want to try all the amazing things that life has to offer before I die.” One of which is THIS CRAZY NOTION to do something totally reckless with your life and have some guy you’ve never met throw you out of a tiny