International Tracksuit Party Section 8: Melbourne

Section 8. Host to the best music in the arterial back laneways of Melbourne’s heart. On this auspicious International Tracksuit Day, was held the infamous Tracksuit Party from Secret Heat Music. B-boys and b-girls united in their favourite sportswear brands from Adidas , Nike, Kangol to look fly and breakdance right. DJ’s included ACN Seymour, Benny Badge, Tofu, Eddie Mac, Live music from Cocoa Noire.  

MUSIC VIDEO: Mathas – White Sugar

Our first music video, ‘White Sugar’ by Mathas, aired for the first time on national  ABC’s RAGE! “White Sugar is a little study of personal flaws, habitual behavior and the extreme consumption of heavily refined and processed foods in the western world. The White Sugar filmclip is a swirling journey through a vicious candyland, were ripe raspberries and chico babies go for the throat and the product advertising of yesteryear

Music Video: Raashan Ahmad ‘Sunshine’

Crown City Rocker Raashan Ahmad’s new music video ‘Sunshine‘ From the album “For What You’ve Lost” (2010) Shot here in Perth, Western Australia on the beautiful inner city Money St, Northbridge. Directed by: John Macliver and David Vincent Smith Director of Photography: Lewis Potts 2nd Unit Camera: Tim Brade Editing & Post-Prod: Seventh Continent Productions Creative Direction: Paul Bui Stills: Nicole Norelli & Krystle Wheatley Produced by: John Macliver



SaltnPepa had a quick chat with Cut & Paste at the Good Vibrations Festival. Over the short time together we got an insight into how Salt’n’Pepa deal with reality TV shows, hip-hop comebacks and twitter.   Interview shot for CUT & PASTE DVD.COM

naughty by nature

Naughty by Nature

Naughty by Nature jumped on the couch during our time backstage at Good Vibrations 2010. Treach, Vin Rock and DJ Kay Gee broke down how to make a Hip-Hop ‘Anthem’, what’s in store from their new album and where they have been hiding for the last few years. Shot for CUT & PASTE DVD.COM

Dam Funk

Modern Funk purveyor Dam Funk speaks to Cut & Paste ahead of his first Australian tour. Dam touches on how he hooked up with Peanut Butter Wolf & Stones Throw, and what the modern funk sound is and the plans for the rest of 2010.